Link in bio

Welcome to my #linkinbio page!

Want to order through the webshop go to homepage. The shop is in Dutch, English and German.

Down below you will find the direct links to my home page and  Etsy Shop

Difference between shop and Etsy
1. In the shop you have a choice of 35 colors and on Etsy of 12 colors
2. The delivery time is the same in the shop and Etsy.
3. Not all products from the shop are on etsy. Sometimes we have other products on etsy that are not on the webshop.
4. On Etsy we mainly sell 1:12 scale. But if you want scale 1:16 then you better order through the webshop or send a message through Etsy for scale 1:16
5. On Etsy, the products are more expensive because on Etsy you pay fees for each sale. When all the costs of Etsy are taken off, I am left with the same amount

Do you like it better to order through Etsy or through the webshop. In any case, the choice is there